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Customer Testimonials

Check Up on the Power Company

“After months of arguing with my local REA utility I purchased an AC Scout. I sent a months worth of data to their "engineer" and The AC Scout paid for itself three or four times over!”

— Colorado Customer

Mission Critical Applications

“We needed to monitor and log AC power brown outs and spikes in the server room so we could report to the utility company and prove frequency.”

— Washington State Customer

Remote Locations

“We hooked them up at remote huts to measure the voltage and record frequency of electrical failures. The huts are too far away to check regularly.”

— Kansas Customer

Power Back up Support

“We wanted to track power failures and generator run times."

— Texas Customer

Dependability When it Counts

“Installing the ACScout was an eye opener. Never would have thought there were so many variations in voltage and frequency as well as brief power outages from our supplier. We came to depend on the ACScout to either confirm unusual power fluctuations when no one was around or to indicate that we had other problems not attributable to the power line or ambient temperature.

Being able to print out the information stored on the ACScout was a determining factor in collecting $50,000 on a ‘lost business’ insurance claim that resulted from an overnight power outage.”

— Fast Pulse Technology